Monday, May 23, 2011

Tomato Chilli Pickles

Our 2 tomato plants produced thousands of kilograms of fruit this season!
(Black Russian & Green Zebra).
As I write this, one week out from the beginning of winter, I have just
plucked the last tomatoes from the vine and it's STILL making flowers!
Psycho tomato.

Another Sally Wise recipe.
She's a pretty potent brew!
In the whizzer is a mix of garlic, ginger and mustard seeds.
It dissolved the little smelling hairs in my nose!

As an afternoon snack, I am a bit partial to cheese and bickies.
You can keep your fancy schmancy water crackers and stinky smelly cheeses,
give me good old Jatz crackers and cheddar cheese and some pickles and I'm happy.
I remember as a kid in the 70's when Mum and Dad had people drop by for drinks in the afternoon,
Mum always made a plate of Jatz and cheese and cocktail onions
- sometimes we even had the green cocktail onions - fancy.
Oh yeah - and stuffed pimento olives.
I can't buy Jatz down here in Victoria.
I can only get Savoys or Ritz (errr - shudder).
these pickles are superb on my cheese and bickies.

Photos: March & May, 2011
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