Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pear, Pistachio and Chocolate Cake

Well, hello there, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.
I see you've been conspiring with your mate the sun
to fill all fruit with ripeness to the core!
You're awesome!
(apologies to John Keats)

This is such an easy recipe to make.
If you are new to baking I'd thoroughly recommend giving this one a crack.

It comes from an excellent little book
my sister, Leigh found for me - The SBS Foodies' Diary.
As soon as she saw the type of recipes it featured,
she knew it was for me!

We (Mum, Clarrie the Morris Minor and me
- Vince had to stay home in case Clarrie packed it in and I had to ring him to come and get us)
took the cake - still warm - on a picnic.
I felt obliged to give it a round of applause after I polished it off.
It was just like a big gooey nutty peary jaffa.
What's not to love?

Photos: April, 2011
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