Saturday, April 9, 2011

Apple Cake

So, after I made the Green Apple Jelly, I had some mush leftover.
I don't like to waste stuff.

Those apples put so much time and energy into growing, it would seem cruel
just to throw them in the bin.
I went looking for a apple mush leftover cake recipe.

Now, if I was an experienced baker
- I would know there are basic rules for cake-making and I probably could have made up my own.
But I don't really have a clue
- so I put my trust in some random recipe from someone's blog and had a crack.
What I really liked about this recipe is that you cook the sultanas and currants in tea (I'm a big tea fan).

Well, well, well
- (3 holes in the ground - have you ever heard that before? A fellow I worked with used to say that)
I was pleasantly surprised.
It's a bee-yooo-tiful cake.
Made even more beautifuller by splitting it and putting
in a layer of Green Apple Jelly and cream.
(Tip-which everyone probably already knows except me
- wait til the cake is cool before you put the whipped cream on,
coz it melts - but geez it tastes good!).

Photos: Home - April, 2011
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