Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Apple Jelly

Lots of apples on the two trees at Pendlebury Hill.
And these are just the Granny Smiths - there are 5 other varieties.

I've never cooked with apples before - so this is my first go!
AND - I've never tasted Apple Jelly before.
Green Apple Jelly can be used in other jams as a pectin base for fruits
that don't have too much - like strawberries or cherries.
But I'm not too sure how much will end up in other jams coz it is
Why didn't anybody ever tell me how good Apple Jelly is?!!
And why don't you hear more about Apple Jelly?

It's super easy to make - and coz Christine Ferber is French it feels kinda fancy.

I'm so glad I lashed out and spent $8.95 for a confectionery thermometer coz without I would have taken the mixture off the stove too early - it took a good 5 minutes more than I would have given it to reach the correct temperature - that is, at which it would set.

It's the prettiest colour.
Like pink champagne.
I love it on toasted fruit muffins with salty butter.

Photos: Home - April, 2011
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