Saturday, April 2, 2011


Chewy nutty biscuits.

Vince is a big fan of nuts (there's no nice way to say that).
This recipe I ripped out of a Better Homes & Gardens magazine, has four different kinds of nuts and I promised to make them for him.

I actually stuffed up this recipe.
You kinda combine two pastes of different consistencies.
One is an almond slurry and the other a marzipan.
I accidentally used the hazelnuts to make the almond slurry and it turned out like breadcrumbs.
But I pushed on and thought - eh, I've come this far - let's see what happens!
They turned out pretty good!

I don't eat a lot of biscuits.
I like the IDEA of biscuits, but I'm not really a grazer - I'm a "mealer".
Sometimes I like one with my afternoon cup of tea.
Soooooo nice sitting on the front porch in the autumn sun.

They're very rich in flavour and sweetness.
I can only eat one at a time.
Vince ate 10 in a row.
He's gunna have a belly-ache tonight!

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